Arrival (2016) Movie Review, Cast by 24K Movies

arrival 2016 movie review

Director:  Denis Villeneuve

Writers:  Eric Heisserer (screenplay), Ted Chiang

Stars:  Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker

Arrival is another science fiction movie in which humans are trying to communicate with aliens rather that defeating them. The meeting with aliens is absolutely breathless and is the most interesting part of the movie. Being a movie based on aliens you will find a new concept altogether. The movie is filled with mysteries which will not disappoint you when revealed. It presents battle and war as last resorts, with only frightened, desperate people looking to violence as a solution. It encourages education, compassion, and curiosity and has a strong female lead character. There are small sad scenes of hospital where the girl is dying out of some disease and even the explosions and threat of war. During the movie you will hear words like ‘I hate you’, ‘God no’, ‘screw it’ frequently in the movie. The movie even includes some romantic scenes and hugs and gives reference of a married couple. Although the movie is a slow paced one still the movie is very it’s a great, exceptionally compassionate pick for families with curious, thoughtful twins and teens. After watching the movie you won’t have answers rather you will be left with lots of unanswered questions in your mind.

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