Solace -2016 Full Movie Review, Cast and Rating

solace-review 2016

Director: J.L. Ramos
Writers:  E. Ocasio, E. Ocasio
Stars:  Victoria Swilley, Clark Swilley, Mattie

Solace is a thriller movie with supernatural element. It is a story of FBI Agent Joe Merriwether (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who seeks help from his friend John (Anthony Hopkins) to solve a series of murders with the help of his psychic abilities. They soon come to know that they are finding Charles (Colin Farrell) who is also a psychic and has more powerful abilities as compared to John. The killer is interested in killing only those people who have terminal diseases. The movie also stars Abbie Cornish. Hopkins has performed satisfactory in his character. The thriller movie in spite of having a great cast has a mediocre screenwriting and film making techniques.   The other actors are just performing but fail to drive the plot. The dumb action and chase scenes add more to Solace’s lethargic direction. Solace successfully establishes a brooding mood but the movie begins to fall apart when Clancy sees to o far into the future and the movie enters into metaphysics.

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